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Non Gamcare Casinos UK – List with Details (2024)

🏆 Not on GamCare 🎁 Exclusive Offers 🔒 Safe & Legal 💰 Fastest Payouts ➡️ Top List Updated: February 2024

Get 200% bonus up to €2000
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • Not Using GamStop
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇩🇪 | 🇧🇷 | 🇫🇷 | 🇪🇸 | 🇮🇳 | 🇷🇺
Get 200% bonus up to €2500
  • Special Promos
  • GamStop-Free Brand
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇩🇪 | 🇮🇹 | 🇫🇷 | 🇪🇸
Get 120% bonus up to €2500
  • Sports & Casino Sections
  • x30 Wagering
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇩🇪 | 🇮🇹 | 🇫🇷 | 🇪🇸 | 🇳🇴 | 🇫🇮 | 🇸🇪 | 🇹🇷 | 🇵🇱
Get 150% bonus up to €2000
  • x35 Wagering
  • Amazing Sportsbook
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇩🇪 | 🇮🇹 | 🇫🇷 | 🇪🇸
Get 150% bonus up to €3000
  • Not A Gamcare Member
  • €1 Min. Deposit
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇩🇪 | 🇮🇹 | 🇫🇷 | 🇪🇸 | 🇳🇴 | 🇫🇮 | 🇸🇪 | 🇹🇷 | 🇵🇱
Get 100% bonus up to €500
  • €20 Deposit For Bonus
  • x30 Wagering
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇮🇹 | 🇫🇷 | 🇪🇸 | 🇷🇺 | 🇧🇷
Get 100% bonus up to €500
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • Great Betting Site
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇮🇹 | 🇫🇷 | 🇪🇸 | 🇷🇺 | 🇧🇷
Get 150% bonus up to €200
  • €10 Min. Deposit
  • Not Using GamStop
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇩🇪 | 🇧🇷 | 🇫🇷 | 🇪🇸 | 🇮🇳 | 🇷🇺
400% up to €2000
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Very wide slots selection
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇩🇪 | 🇪🇸 | 🇷🇺 | 🇧🇷
Get 200% bonus up to €1000
  • Not Available On GamStop
  • Top Slots & Sports
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇷🇺
Get 100% bonus up to €2000
  • €20 Min. Deposit
  • High-Quality Sportsbook
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇫🇷 | 🇩🇪 | 🇪🇸 | 🇮🇹 | 🇧🇷 | 🇷🇺 | 🇨🇳 | 🇯🇵 | 🇹🇷
Get 100% bonus up to €2000
  • $10 Min. Deposit
  • Not In GamStop List
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇩🇪 | 🇧🇷 | 🇫🇷 | 🇪🇸 | 🇮🇳 | 🇷🇺
Get 200% bonus up to €1000
  • Various Slots & Casino Games
  • With No GamStop
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇷🇺
Get 200% bonus up to €1000
  • €40 Min. Deposit
  • Not Blocked By Gamstop
  • Amazing Sportsbook
Get 100% bonus up to €2000
  • €10 Min. Deposit
  • Amazing Live Section
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇫🇷 | 🇩🇪 | 🇪🇸 | 🇮🇹 | 🇧🇷 | 🇷🇺 | 🇨🇳 | 🇯🇵 | 🇹🇷
Get 150% bonus up to €1000
  • €40 Min. Top-Up
  • Outside GamStop Program
  • Excellent Payout
Get 200% bonus up to £1000
  • €40-50 To Get Promo
  • For UK Players
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇷🇺
Get 175% bonus up to €1000
  • Newest Games
  • Multiple Free Spins Promos
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇷🇺
Get 100% bonus up to €1000
  • Completely GamCare Free
  • €20 Minimum Deposit
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇷🇺
Get 375% bonus up to €2000
  • £20 min. deposit
  • Excellent Sports Section
  • 10x Wagering
Get 100% bonus up to €1000
  • Not Affected By Gamstop
  • 97% Payout Rate
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇷🇺 | 🇩🇪 | 🇪🇸 | 🇵🇱 | 🇧🇷 | 🇳🇴 | 🇫🇮 | 🇸🇪 | 🇫🇷 |
Get 200 Free Spins
  • Not A GamCare Member
  • €10 Min. Deposit
  • 🇬🇧 | 🇷🇺
Get 400% bonus up to €800
  • £40-50 To Get Promo
  • Fast Withdrawal
  • For UK Players

Overview of Non GamCare Casinos 2024

🎰 Number of Casinos +30
❤️ Not on GamCare YES
⏱️ Withdrawal Times 15 – 30 minutes
💰 Bonus Cashback, Freebets, 100-500% up to 10000 EUR
🆕 New Casinos? YES – On a Monthly Basis
🎲 Licences Curaçao + MGA + Swedish
🏅 Best Non GamCare Casino 2023 Dogsfortune Casino

What Does Non Gamcare Means?

In the UK, the GamCare service is used to protect gamblers who find it difficult to control their own month and often have to play uncontrollably, so they register for GamCare and restrict their ability to play. If you want to temporarily relax from online casinos, poker or sports betting, then the GamCare program is for you, all the casinos associated with this program give you the opportunity to choose what period you will take a break or what limits you want to set (for example, maximum deposit per month). Simply put, you log in to your account and choose what period of rest you have, 6 months, 12 months or a maximum of 5 years.

Gamcare gives you the opportunity to block your gaming activities not in one casino but in all casinos related to the GamCare platform. Keep in mind that this restriction will only apply to casinos that are members of the GamCare program, and casinos that are not on the GamCare or similar restriction program will still be available to you.

At this point the UK Gambling Commission does not have to oblige all casinos to be members of the GamCare scheme, non-GamCare betting sites and casino sites are also secure sites as they also care about customers and if you also decide to restrict casino activities you will be able to do so in independent casinos. So when deciding which casino to play in, you can usually consider non-GamCare casinos as well, as they have the same security systems as other UK casinos.

One of the sad things about GamCare is that it only operates across the UK, and if you decide to play in casinos licensed in Malta, licensed in Curacao, or even licensed in Sweden, the GamCare program will not work there, so you can play freely there and not depend on the GamCare program Upon the expiration of the limitation period.




About GamCare UK

Before we start reviewing the pros of non GamCare casinos, let’s get a general idea of ​​what GamCare is all about. GamCare is one of the largest self-exclusion schemes in the UK. Players register on the organization’s website and enter small information such as home, last name, and address and choose the period during which online casinos will remain inaccessible to them.

It is important to note that GamCare is a free service and many UK online casinos are affiliated with this program. In the future it is planned to make it mandatory for all casinos that hold a UK Gambling Commission license to become a member of a GamCare or other similar program, at this stage engaging in similar programs is the goodwill of the casinos. In addition to the casinos participating in this program, other casinos are also fair and also create a safe gaming environment for users, provide high-quality service and at the same time are not members of the GamCare program.

What is GamCare self exclusion and how does it work?

GamCare self-exclusion is a tool that individuals can use to limit their access to gambling. The process typically involves creating an account with GamCare and selecting a self-exclusion period (usually between 6 months and 5 years) during which time GamCare will work with participating gambling operators to prevent the individual from being able to access their services.

Can I remove my self exclusion from GamCare if I change my mind?

GamCare self-exclusion is a voluntary process, but once a self-exclusion period has been agreed upon, it cannot be lifted before the end date.

How long does a GamCare self exclusion last?

GamCare self-exclusion can last between 6 months and 5 years. The individual selecting the period, and it’s not changeable during the self-exclusion period

What happens if I am caught violating my GamCare self exclusion?

If an individual is caught violating their GamCare self exclusion, the gambling operators with whom GamCare has placed the self-exclusion will take appropriate action, which may include refusing service or closing the individual’s account. Additionally, it can also lead to civil and criminal prosecution.

Does GamCare self exclusion apply to all forms of gambling, or just online?

GamCare self-exclusion applies to all forms of gambling. the individual can exclude themselves from online, land-based and mobile gambling operators that participate in the GamCare scheme.


What are the pros of Casinos not on Gamcare?

A really objective question when we talk about casinos that are not on the GamCare program. If there is no difference in service satisfaction, quality, and security details, why should we choose whether casinos are on the GamCare program? If the casino has all the functionality that GamCare casinos have then there is no need to play only at GamCare casinos.

First of all, the main advantage of non-GamCare casinos is the freedom and large selection of products. This includes a large number of casino games, endless sports betting facilities, Lavi Casino games with high limits, and also excellent bonuses and promotions. So when we have the freedom, we can choose from many casinos and find the online betting site we want.

For example, when we do not like something in the casino and want to stop playing, in the case of GamCare casinos, when we block a particular casino, absolutely all the casinos become blocked for us and we can no longer use them. A different situation in non-GamCare casinos where we block only one casino we do not like and the other still remains available to us.

Of course, we do not want to say that the GamCare program is a useful tool, no, on the contrary, it is a very necessary program if you are very addicted to the game and want to stop gambling completely. But if you are just dissatisfied with the service of any casino, then GamCare is not for you, contact Casino Port to solve the problem, ask to block your account, and then read the list of other non-GamCare casinos we offer and you will definitely find the online gambling site you want.

Safe Non GamCare Casinos

If you play in the non-GamCare casinos offered by our experts, you will no longer need to register for the GamCare program, as each of the casinos we offer offers a safe betting service. If you have any problems and no longer want to continue playing, just contact the casino port and ask for a temporary block or forever and they will respond instantly. For safe play it is not necessary to be registered in the GamCare program, these opportunities are still given to you by the sites reviewed by us.

Finally, we still go to the decision that you have to make, choose a complete block from gambling if you just avoid irresponsible casinos and play in trusted and fair casinos that are not included in the GamCare program.

Selection Criteria For Casinos Not on Gamcare

A complete and unbiased review prepared by our team is based on and sets out the following key criteria:

  • Protected and safe play space
  • Customer-oriented interface
  • Quality and variety of games
  • Variety and abundance of bonuses and promotions
  • Impressive prize pool and growing jackpots
  • Licensed software
  • Customer support and more

Top Online Casinos Rating, Top Ten Based on the above criteria, we have compiled a ranking of the best and most licensed online casinos, which looks like this: Dogsfortune, Casobet, Duobetz, BetFlip, and many more.


Advantages to using Casino Not on Gamcare scheme

The first three answers we can give to this question are that like non gamcare casinos with huge welcome bonuses, we have the ability to block locally and not limit ourselves to blocking all casinos and a wide variety of casino choices.

➡️ Casino bonuses are often the deciding factor that players, including us, pay attention to when choosing a casino. Websites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission have almost 0 bonuses and are also members of the GamCare program, such as top sites like Williamhill, Betvictor, and Ledbrooks, where the biggest bonus a newly registered player can get is a $50 bonus. There is a big difference between the bonuses of GamCare casinos and non-GamCare casinos, for example, Dogsfortun Casino offers a 200% bonus up to $1000.

➡️ 2nd  positive factor is the possibility of individual blocking, if you are dissatisfied with the service of a particular casino, you can easily block this casino and continue playing in another casino, offering you the desired bonuses and gambling conditions.

➡️ 3rd positive factor is that there are more than 5000 online casinos in front of you where you have a chance to try your luck and just enjoy the game. Unlike UK licensed casinos, the number of which is quite small and also has many limitations such as even a GamCare program.

Based on all this, we decided to choose non-GamCare casinos, with exactly the criteria that will make the game enjoyable, convenient, and safe.


Disadvantages to using Casino Not on Gamcare scheme

Of course, we must not forget that responsibly gambling is always important. If you’re losing control of yourself and can no longer contain yourself while gambling, then the GamCare program is exactly for you. But if you have a great deal of discipline and do not have difficulty controlling your own month while playing in a casino then you have no reason to join GamCare. It is always important to control yourself and if you can no longer control then you should definitely resort to the GamCare program.

It is better to approach each issue individually and not use the GamCare program because as you already know GamCare completely restricts access to online casinos. When you are unhappy with any particular case it is better to stand up to the casinos individually. For example, if you do not like cash withdrawals in one of the casinos, you can simply block the account in that casino and stop playing. If you are unhappy with the betting limits at any of the casinos, then this particular one should be asked to block and so on. Of course, if you applied to the GamCare program for the very first dissatisfaction, then you would have to be blocked from all casinos altogether. But of course, there is a casino where you will not face the above problems and will be able to play for fun.

Of course, in all cases, we go to human capabilities, if a person can not control the month it is better to stop the game and visit the GamCare program, but if he has the ability to manage his game then there is no need for a GamCare program.

Disadvantages to using casino not on Gamcare scheme

Are Non Gamcare Casinos Tax-Free?

As usual, Non Gamcare casinos are tax-free. You are probably already familiar with the fact that UK gambling licensed casinos have no tax and also no winnings are taxed. Most of Casinos not on gamcare are registered in Curacao and are licensed by curacao Egaming, which prevents players from paying taxes.

The only fee you can pay is the fee for deposits, which ranges from 1% to a maximum of 5% for each deposit. But this fee also depends on the casinos, many casinos pay this fee themselves and you do not have to pay a fee. For example: When you deposit $100 into a casino, you will be deducted only $100 from your card and you will also receive $100 in your account. Apart from the above-mentioned fee, which as we said only a few casinos have, no other fees have Nongamcare casinos.

Bonuses at Non Gamcare Casinos

In the overview, we have decided to inform you about the bonuses available at non gamcare casinos. As I have already told you, non gamcare casinos are really distinguished by bonus offers and if you want to know in detail what you expect from casinos not on gamcare then take a look at the bonuses listed below and you will not really be left unsatisfied.

  • No deposit bonus – No deposit bonuses are very common at Non Gamcare casinos. To claim a bonus you need a bonus code which is available under each casino review on our website. In most casinos, no deposit bonus is onetime and has a high wagering requirement, about 50-60 times for winning amount. No deposit bonuses are for testing purposes and you can easily test each casino and decide if it is worth it or not for real money deposits. Here is our favorite no deposit bonus at casinos not on gamcare, offers 25$ no deposit bonus for every player after email verification, just verify your email and ask live chat support about no deposit bonus, use our code: NGC25 to claim a bonus.
  • Sign up bonus – This bonus is a MUST for every casino, nobody wants to test a casino without some bonus, but of course, we looked into the full terms of each offer, analyzing which bonuses are most suitable for players, and after that, we have listed casinos that best sign up bonuses. Sign up bonuses starts with at least 100% bonus and have maximum bonus amounts of more or less 1000$, one of the best sign up bonus is available at casino, they offer a 200% bonus up to 1000$, with bonus code: NGC200
  • 100% match bonus – In Non-Gamcare online casinos, a 100% match bonus will activate bonus an amount equal to the deposit you have made. You should always read the rules and terms beforehand as they can change how much is bonus amount is. 100% Match bonus is always available on weekends at casino.
  • 200% bonus – A 200% bonus is a really big bonus amount and not all the casinos offer it. Usually, a 200% bonus comes with a low maximum amount of bonus and it’s capped to 100 or even 200$.
  • 300% bonus – Most of Non Gamcare casinos offer 300% bonuses inside a welcome package. To claim a 300% bonus with a single deposit is almost impossible because it’s too big an amount and most casinos don’t offer such bonuses. But you can claim a 300% bonus with 2 deposits, non gamcare casino offers a 300% bonus, make your first deposit and get a 200% bonus with bonus code NGC200 up to 5,000$ and after that, if you will make a 2nd deposit you will get 100% bonus up to 5,000$, so in total 300% bonus and total bonus amount will be 10,000$, it sounds really good, right?
  • 400% bonus – This is a really big bonus as well. To claim a 400% bonus with a single deposit is almost impossible like for a 300% bonus. But you can claim a 400% bonus with 3 deposits, casino offers a 400% bonus, make your first deposit and get a 200% bonus with bonus code NGC200, 2nd deposit you will get a 100% bonus and at 3rd deposit 100% again, so in total 400% bonus. Bonus terms and percentages are changed every time and before making a deposit please check bonus terms and conditions.
  • 500% bonus – WOW, this is what I can say when we mention such a huge bonus. Don’t let anyone fool you and do not believe that on one deposit, any casino will offer you a 500% bonus. As I told you our team is staffed by experienced professionals and we know well that there is no casino that can offer a 500% bonus to the customer. The casino that offers you a similar bonus is definitely a scam casino because you can never make a withdrawal from a similar casino, in the case of a 500% bonus it is easiest for the casino to lose the whole bonus and no casino will do it to attract customers as it will be a total loss for them.
  • Free spins bonus – The websites that offer free spins as part of their real money casino games tend to promote specific offers. They try to encourage and motivate people so they can play responsibly in the online casinos by boosting their accounts with extra winnings.
  • Bonus code offer – Bonus code offers are used to promote special bonuses, which can’t be claimed regularly and are only created for a special audience. We have already reviewed the bonus code offer which was provided by,, and casinos.
  • Live casino bonus – This is a special bonus for live casino game lovers, usually there is 2 type of bonuses. The 1st type is a welcome bonus for live casino players. To claim such a bonus you need to make a deposit and use a special bonus code and you will get for example 100% bonus and this bonus money can be used only at live casino games. The 2nd bonus option is a Cashback bonus at live casino game losses, this is a more common bonus for live dealer game lovers. This cashback bonus is given in every week or in every month and it’s a % of your total losses at live dealer tables. For example, casino offers 10% Live casino cashback up to an unlimited amount. So if you played during a week’s live casino games and lost some money, Casobet casino will give you a cashback of 10% of your losses on Monday. One of the great facts about this bonus is that the maximum bonus amount is not capped, so you can get even 10,000 or 1 million as a cashback bonus.
  • Mobile casino bonus – Play by mobile is always fun and most the casinos want to promote their games and product among mobile users, So they offer special bonuses for mobile players, If you play at Maximum casino with your smartphone you can get a special bonus, which can be free spins, free bets, cashback or even match bonus.
  • Low wagering bonus – This is for me one of the best bonuses because I don’t like playing with bonus money for a long period. For such a low wagering rule, the bonus amount is not as big as normal wagering bonuses, sometimes it’s up to 100$ or even less. But I always want to get a few bucks with low wagering and have fun.
  • No wagering bonus – Oh, this bonus is a bonus which is a favorite for all players, You don’t need to complete the wagering requirement, money is on your balance and you can use it how you want, even for betting or for withdrawal. Usually, such bonus amounts are small up to 25 or a maximum of 50$ and can be claimed for sure only 1 time. Right now, casino offers a 20$ No Wager bonus for all verified players.
  • High roller bonus – Bonus for people who are gambling with a lot of money, their average deposits are more than 500$ and for such players casinos always offer high roller bonuses. Bonsu amount cap for such offers is about 5,000 or 10,000$ and if it is in the cryptocurrency it can be even 1 or 2 Bitcoins. One of the biggest Highroller bonus is available at casino, they offer a 111% bonus up to 1 BTC or 50,000 USDT, does it looks really big or not?
  • Reload bonus – This bonus is very popular among casinos not on gamcare, they offer to reload bonuses on daily bases. For example, Dogsfortune offers a Monday Reload bonus 40%, a Wednesday Reload bonus 25%, and a Weekend reload bonus 70%. Reload bonuses can be matched to deposit amounts or even free spins.
  • Blackjack bonus – Blackjack bonus is a special bonus that is created for blackjack live game lovers. If you are a fan of blackjack you can make a deposit and get a bonus, and this bonus money can be used only at Blackjack games.
  • Roulette bonus – Roulette bonus is a special bonus that is created for Roulette live game lovers. If you are a fan of Roulette you can make a deposit and get a bonus, and this bonus money can be used only at Roulette games.
  • Bingo bonus – Bingo bonus is a special bonus that is created for Bingo game lovers. If you are a fan of Bingo you can make a deposit and get a bonus, and this bonus money can be used only at Bingo games.
  • Poker bonus – Poker bonus is a special bonus that is created for Poker live game lovers. If you are a fan of Poker you can make a deposit and get a bonus, and this bonus money can be used only at Poker games.

Our casino experts have prepared a list of the best Non Gamcare casino bonuses in the UK by type. The most common type is a welcome bonus, with some of the best conditions and plenty of prizes for newbies or high rollers. There are also bonuses for depositing just 10 pounds that come with more possibilities to claim using it once only. For convenience, our casino experts have prepared a list of the best Non Gamcare casino bonuses in the UK by type:

Bonus Type


Bonus Offer


Offer Link

No deposit bonus

No deposit 25$ Bonus

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Sign up bonus

200% bonus up to 1,000$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

100% match bonus

100% bonus up to 1,000$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

200% bonus

200% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

300% bonus

300% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

400% bonus

400% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

500% bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Free spins bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Bonus code offer

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Live casino bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Mobile casino bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Low Wagering bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

No Wagering bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

High Roller bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Blackjack bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Roulette bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Bingo bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Poker bonus

500% bonus up to 100$

Full T&Cs apply. 18+. New customers only. Min spend £10 on qualifying games. valid for 30 days.

Payment Methods at Casinos Not on GamCare

gamcare-casinosAt this point, we have already reviewed the pros and cons of non gamcare casinos in general, as well as the bonuses that are available at casinos not on gamcare. Now it’s time to talk about payment methods because for a customer who wants to play in a non gamcare casino and also likes the promotions offered by the casino, it is necessary to know about the methods available to deposit money as well make a profit. In many cases, non gamcare casinos do not offer the same variety of payment methods as UKGC licensed casinos, but it should be noted that all major deposit methods come from casinos not on gamcare. Also unlike UKGC licensed casinos, non gamcare casinos do not require a KYC (Know Your Customer) pass, which simplifies the game and allows you to remain anonymous.

Of course, all casinos differ in terms of payment methods, but nonetheless, all of them combine the major payment methods available in non-gamcare casinos. Therefore, we decided to review each of them in detail and provide you with accurate information on which casino offers the most convenient payment methods.

Credit Card Payments

credit-card-payments-non-gamcare-casinosIf a website is licensed by the UKGC, it means you can only use a Visa or MasterCard as a payment option if they are run in the UK. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find casinos outside of UK and make deposits with your credit card, just be mindful of all fees and taxes involved when doing so. When you pay with your credit or debit card at Non Gamcare casinos transactions won’t be in GBP, usually, they will charge you with other currency like EUR, USD, RUB, UAH or any other currency with is available for payment provider for a particular casino. This is not a RED light for you because, if there is come conversion fees applied this fee amount is added to your deposit amount and you are not losing money. For example: If you make a deposit of 100GBP and the transaction is made via USD currency, there will be an exchange fee for example 1% and from your card, you will be charged 101GBP but this 1GBP fee will be added to your casino balance.

Ewallet Payments

This system, created by the founder of eBay, allows players to transfer money from their bank accounts without having to use credit cards. It is an innovative way for people who play online casino UK real money games with e-cash instead of using a credit or debit card. What is Ewallets and how can we use them in an online casino?  This question has become very topical lately until now we were accustomed to using only bank cards to deposit money in casinos, this era is over and today there are quite a variety of choices in payment methods. Nowadays, Ewallet is considered to be the most convenient and fast payment method, because depositing and withdrawing money in online casinos is very fast and you also do not have to enter the card details in every transaction. There are many options of eWallets available for casinos not on gamcare that you can choose from. The following are some of the best around:


If you are a person who uses PayPal for online gambling, or even just in some other capacity, then they can be used to transfer funds from your desktop or mobile casino and into your wallet. This way, you’ll never have to make two separate transactions. Paypal also allows withdrawals (and deposits) at online casinos which are not in Gamcare scheme.


European players have recently shown a great interest in Trustly Casinos which are not in Gamcare program but are easy to use and offer convenience. Unlike other online casino platforms, such as the need for apps or manual debit card numbers – deposit payments can be made with your regular bank login.


Neteller is a payment method for online casinos not at Gamcare scheme. It revolutionized online gambling by being one of the first payment methods and specializing in payments. Online casinos are still popular with players today, but competition has certainly grown over time as more and more companies have sprung up offering similar services to customers around the world.


Boku Casinos not at Gamcare Scheme offer an easy way to access online casinos and stores through your mobile device. This is a good thing, because not only do they allow you to enjoy games of chance at dozens of different locations, but also give their users more opportunities than with Visa or other credit cards.


Buying a Paysafecard is a convenient way to top up your casino balance. It offers anonymity, which makes it the perfect tool for online gambling, especially at non Gamcare casinos. You can buy one on the website or in retailer stores close to you and use this card 100% anonymously by simply entering its 16-digit code into the casino deposit page.

Vouchers and Prepaid cards

One of the most popular methods of payment at casinos that don’t register with GamCare is cash vouchers. They offer a way to make deposits without supplying any personal information, and once you’ve purchased one it’s easy to enter your unique code for processing. This ensures no operator can reject your deposit because there’s already been a payment made on it.

Ukash is a prepaid voucher system that allows you to make deposits without giving up any personal information. It also has lots of benefits like being anonymous, as well as having the deposit guaranteed by GamCare or an operator because it’s already been paid for! You can never be denied from paying your gambling debt with this method if you try to pay more than what the vouchers are worth.

Cryptocurrency deposits on Gamcare casinos

A cryptocurrency casino is a type of online casino that only accepts cryptocurrencies as a means of deposit and payment. The rise in popularity has also come with the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, which has led to more online casinos offering crypto-friendly games. Today, you can find hundreds of cryptocurrency casinos, some accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and other popular altcoins.


Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and it is not surprising that it is also the most popular payment method in online casinos. Bitcoin is named the most popular payment method for three main reasons. First of all transactions in Bitcoin are anonymous and no one will be able to identify you, secondly, Bitcoin transactions are very fast, for example, withdrawing money to a bank account takes 2-3 days, in the case of Bitcoin even 20-30 minutes is enough. Unlike standard fees which are tied to a percentage of the payment volume, Bitcoin has a fixed fee, and even if you count $ 100 or at least 1 million the fee does not change, which you will agree is a really positive side.


Like Bitcoin, Ethereum cryptocurrency is quite popular, and the current share of Ethereum is for 19% of the crypto market. It should be noted that literally, every crypto casino has deposits and withdrawal in Etherium, the reason is simple here too. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the UK, surpassing Bitcoin in terms of transaction speeds and the transaction fee is quite low.


USDT or Teter is the most flexible cryptocurrency, unlike other cryptocurrencies, its exchange rate is virtually unchanged and does not fluctuate. When saving currency you know for sure that you will not have a loss and also its transactions are characterized by a fairly low commission. The transaction fee for Tron Network(TRC20) transactions is just 1 USDT.

Non Gamcare Casino Licenses

Gambling laws are a complex topic, with every country having its own take on the issue. Some countries embrace gambling while others do everything in their power to ban it altogether; licenses and reputations should be checked before any new casino website is accessed. The approach taken when it comes to Internet gambling varies dramatically across jurisdictions: for example, some places worldwide trust casinos as a way of raising revenue while other nations see them as another source of income from criminal activity.

mga-license-casinos-minMGA license

In this guide, we cover the best MGA licensed casinos and how they obtain their licenses. In conducting their audits and investigations, regulators take into account all aspects of casino safety – from the gaming software to background checks on employees. The regulator also takes a preemptive approach to make sure that new legislation around land-based gambling is met by these operators in order to stay current with any changes coming down the line!

curacao-license-casinosCuracao License

Curacao Gaming Services is among the safest in the industry, 1996 Curacao eGaming has been providing online gaming services since and they are committed to meeting all the needs of their qualified applicants. We offer old-fashioned and most politically stable providers of regulated gambling services, Curaçao Gaming Services comes from among thе most providers оf rеgulаtоrу ѕеrvісes.

Casino games at Non Gamcare Casinos

Casinos not on GamCare are really distinguished by the variety of casino games. There are literally no casinos today that do not have a wide selection of casino games, but of course casinos still differ by this criterion. Here I would like to review the games that we consider necessary to have all the casinos that we would recommend.

Slots Not on Gamcare


Various research has revealed that slot games are one of the most popular casino games in the UK. The reason for this is simple, today’s slots have become very sophisticated and entertaining, if only 3 drums had slots and the player watched virtually the same symbols, today’s slots have different bonus rounds, a variety of winnings, and therefore become more fun and entertaining. Winnings have also increased, with a single spin it is possible to make x50,000 wins. We have reviewed several slots, not on Gamcare which has its iconic reasons. Gonzo’s Quest is the Most Iconic Video Slot, Mega Moolah with Biggest Jackpot, Goblin’s Cave has the Highest RTP of 99.32%, Starburst is the Great Low Volatility Slot, and Game of Thrones is a Popular TV Show Slot.

Live Casino games on Gamcare

live-dealer-games-ukAll of the excitement, thrills, and satisfaction that a traditional land-based casino provides, can now be experienced at home. Instead of having to leave your house or travel somewhere else in order to play games like blackjack and slot machines you can play them all while sitting on the couch! Blackjack, Roulette, Monopoly and Crazy Time Wheels are some of the games offered to players. For those with a faster pace in their play sessions, Mega Ball is one of the newest unique games on offer. It has classic bingo-style mechanics with added multipliers that allow for big wins!

Sport Betting on Gamcare

sports-betting-ukThere are many betting websites that exist nowadays, and picking the right one can be difficult for the average user. With all this competition happening today, it is no surprise to see operators competing for your attention everywhere- with some of the biggest and best sites sponsoring Premier League teams during major tournaments like World Cups! Bingo sites, in particular, are frequently promoted on terrestrial TV.

Other programs to block yourself from Gambling Sites?

If you are addicted to gambling and can not control yourself and end up with a lot of problems, there are various blocking mechanisms to protect yourself from all of this, like gambling. Here I wanted to review each of them and give you more information about what each program can do and how it works.


gamstop-casinosGamstop self-exclusion scheme is a tool that helps people who are addicted to gambling, by providing information and guidance on how they can quit. It has proven itself very effective at helping those struggling with addiction fight back against their habit. This specific service is called GamStop in the UK – it’s one of the most excellent tools for combating addiction online today. Gamstop is a free program and you don’t need to pay any money to be part of it scheme.


gamban-casinosInstalling this software on your device will block all apps and websites that are related to gambling, including mainstream ones like casinos. To use it for a month costs $5.19, but the cost is lowered if you sign up for two or three months at once ($4.34 monthly). The exclusion function alone costs $50 annually or about $4 each month; however, there is no way of removing the software until then lapse in membership has occurred.


net-nanny-casinosNetnanny is a website blocker and monitoring service that can be used to block or monitor potentially problematic content, including gambling websites.


betblocker-casinosBetBlocker is a free tool to help you manage your gambling. Install it on as many devices as you like and select how long you want to be blocked from accessing any websites containing online casinos, betting services or lotteries. You can also choose which types of websites are allowed access by opening up the list of banned sites in Blockers settings before installing BetBlocker.


gamblock-casinosGamBlock is a comprehensive blocking option with very tight protection that cannot be bypassed by proxy or VPNs. Once installed, it cannot be removed for the chosen period of time. There are monthly and annual subscription options, which vary in cost; an annual subscription starts at around $142 for each device



FAQ for Non Gamcare Casino Sites

How to get around GamCare?

Self-exclusions are not automatically removed. You must re-login to the account before self-exclusion is canceled and you can then request the removal yourself. The UKGC oversees the casinos in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The casino must be licensed by the UKGC to offer GAMCARE, so it is only available there currently. Those who have made a mistake and want to play at online gambling sites may still do so through other methods like self-exclusion or credit card payment options of those countries where GAMCARE is not an option yet.

How to get around Gamstop?

In the event that you find yourself in a situation where you are no longer allowed to enter a certain establishment – don’t fret! There can be more than one way for your business to succeed. Here is an overview of various ways for someone who has been self-excluded from a place or venue, will make it easier.

How to cancel Gamstop?

The only option is to wait till your period ends. That’s the only way you can cancel an exclusion for GamStop, as it has been designed that way. There are certain websites that have UKGC licenses and use their own self-exclusion feature, so if you want to continue gaming at those sites without a stop from GamStop then this is possible with normal calls or emails (as long as there isn’t a 24 hour cooling off period). The representative will stop it after a 12-hour cooling-off period on top of the 24 hours required during regular service.

What is GamCare?

There are free services, information, and support available through GamCare to those who are personally or indirectly affected by gambling issues. The National Gambling Helpline and safe gambling awareness programmes are just two of the services provided. Responsible business practices for gambling are also encouraged by GamCare. The organisation provides free services, information, and support to those who are personally or indirectly affected by gambling issues.

Are casinos not on GamCare legal?

Businesses in the UK that operate casinos are not required to be a part of GamCare. GamCare membership, therefore, is not necessary for legal compliance. Whether a casino adheres to safe gambling policies or not is not determined solely by whether or not they are a member of GamCare.

Can I gamble at a casinos not on gamcare in the UK?

It’s correct that GamCare is a voluntary organization for UK gambling providers. Even though GamCare is not associated with all online casinos, gamblers can still play securely. In addition, you may receive even more valuable safe gambling tools, advice, and support at these sites.

Does GamCare provide a self-exclusion scheme?

GamCare focuses on directing players to the safest gambling tools and services. You can therefore find excellent advice on which self-exclusion services to utilize. The organization will also emphasize the importance of self-exclusion to problem and vulnerable gamblers. You may, however, receive a self-exclusion programmed from GamCare.

What are the best non GamCare gambling sites?

We can’t provide a definite answer to your question, as the finest non GamCare gambling website varies from person to person. However, we can normally point you to Vegas Wild Casino & Very Well Casino, as they accommodate a wide range of people.

How can gambling companies get a GamCare certificate?

An organization hoping to become accredited to provide gambling-related services to the public must be licensed by the UKGC. The Safer Gambling Standard website from GamCare can be used to express interest in getting accredited, and then wait for a reply. The company may be assessed for its online or land-based operations, or both.

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