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NonGamcareCasinos.com is a site where you can find reviews of online gambling sites, best casino sites, and betting sites not connected to the Gamcare scheme. We know that there are many other interesting options out there for players who want to explore new opportunities in the UK market that focus so much on just a few big names. You’ll be surprised at what we’re able to offer!

We are a small team, with many members in the UK. It was during one of the unforgettable casino gambling nights that we had the idea to create NonGamcareCasinos, which became a reality when we found each other through our shared passion for gambling! All of us had the same problem, we have been members of the Gamcare program and didn’t have a chance to play elsewhere. So we decided to find trusted online casinos which will be available for UK players and especially for Gamcare and other gambling blocker scheme members. Also, the main idea was to have the same self-exclusion possibilities as at Gamcare casinos.

Our Vision

We think that gamblers should make decisions based on all the information they can access, but sometimes it’s difficult to find that information. While it may feel like betting in the UK is dominated by just a few big names, there are actually many more gambling opportunities available for people living in England if you knew where to look.

By collecting this information in one place, reviewing it honestly, and presenting it to you here, we are giving you the chance to make better decisions. We don’t want to tell you what exactly should be done or where should be played – that’s up for your decision- but being aware of all options is important.

Our Goal

We want our customers to have access to the latest and most reliable information on gambling so they can make decisions that will lead them not just toward their favorite casino, but also offer bonuses with good value.

We think you’ll get the most out of NonGamcareCasinos.com if you are:

  • A player who is seeking new and exciting gambling opportunities that you’ve not seen before – which can only be possible by gambling with a site outside of the UK.
  • Someone who has registered with Gamcare or other gambling blocker schemes by accident, and is now ready to gamble responsibly so is seeking ways around it.
  • Someone who was previously excluded by Gamcare, and whose exclusion period has ended but is finding it difficult to register with UK casinos because of their Gamstop exclusion.

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